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Investigative Consultants

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Do your employees deliver the professional customer service you demand? Is there a leader you would like tested to see how they handle complaints?  

Would you like an independent report on your overall operation, cleanliness, quality and service?  We can provide a detailed record, along with photos and covert videos.  Armed with this evidence you can drive your business in the right direction.

Accident Reconstruction 

We employee industry leaders within the accident reconstruction  and technical accident investigative field.  Our experts are court proven and deliver quality results.  Whether your an insurance carrier, self insured company or individual, protect yourselves by having a industry certified expert on your side.

Alive & Well Checks

Do you need validate a customer that is receiving benefits is still alive?  Do you have a family member that you need checked in on? 

We deliver detailed in person alive and well checks to confirm the well being of the subject. 

Undercover Operations

Our company is unique in the fact our founder is a former undercover drug agent that worked covert operations.  Whether you need a person to go undercover within your business, or you need someone to explore your competition, we can deliver.


 Is someone stealing your inventory? Do you really know what goes on when your away?  We can find out.


We specialize in company internal investigations, HR cases, employee theft, sexual harassment and financial crimes related investigations. Our staff has  unique corporate experience ranging from global Fortune 500 case management to local company employee relations investigations. 



When hiring a professional to assist in any Legal matter it is imperative to have an experienced investigator. Our staff has prior state, local and federal investigative and court room experience.  Whether you are an attorney looking for witnesses to be interviewed or a person accused of a crime, make the right decision and hire our company.



Confidentiality is something we take extremely serious.  You will get the highest level of diverse experience at a reasonable price.  Whatever your request is we can deliver.   You wont find another company that has the diverse experienced talent we have.

Insurance Fraud & Scene Exams

Our Team has over 30 years of combined fraud, workers compensation, theft, arson and accident investigation experience.  We can be your scene investigation firm, loss control or SIU.  Getting solid recorded statements can ensure your company is protected.  

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The Division of Professional Services, "DPS Investigations" is an experienced and licensed investigative firm with proven professionals on its team. From large corporate internal investigations, to basic criminal background checks, we deliver thorough and professional results. Our company was founded by a veteran special agent recognized for his investigative results on state and federal felony investigations and his proven track record of developing corporate global risk and investigation teams.

Our team of professional investigative consultants are held to the highest standard. They have unique skill-sets related to their experiences within local, state and federal law enforcement. Our staff can deliver results that other less experienced companies can't. 


Your case review begins with a free and confidential consultation. Once you decide to work with DPS, we build a plan according to your needs and budget. We ensure you receive professional and honest guidance every step of the way.


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