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Background Investigations

Covering Your Needs

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Tailored to your specific needs, we customize a strategy to obtain the results needed to uncover useful information with our suite of services.

Alive & Well


Virtual meetings performed on a specified basis to document claimant’s health, medical treatment, next doctor’s visit, verification of employment, disability status, home environment, and physical restrictions.



Our investigators retrieve public records confirming personal property or real estate held by a person or legal entity.

Social Media 


Our experienced staff, combined with state of the art technology, delivers results.  We research relevant data across various channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others, 



If you need a criminal records search, court records check, professional license search, sex offender or any other  search that can help fix your problem, we can find it.

Do you know the background of the person you are dating? We can find it for you!

People Locate  Investigations

If you are looking for a former friend, classmate or family member, we can find them.   

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